35 Volunteers Honored at Community Fund of Darien’s Recognition Day Luncheon


Photo from the Community Fund of Darien

Volunteers honored at the Darien Recognition Luncheon on Tuesday, May 21.

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This past Tuesday, May 21, the Community Fund of Darien hosted its 40th annual Recognition Day Luncheon at the Darien Community Association to honor Darien residents who volunteer at local organizations for their dedication and hard work.

— Libby Markham, a senior intern at the Community Fund of Darien, wrote this  announcement from the organization

Thirty five Darien residents  (see the list, below) received well deserved applause for their volunteer work at a variety of local organizations: Darien Community Association Thrift Shop, Person-to-Person, Darien Arts Center, Darien Human Services, League of Women Voters of Darien, Domestic Violence Crisis Center, and Family Centers among others.

Photo from the Community Fund of Darien

Volunteers honored at the Darien Recognition Luncheon on Tuesday, May 21.

Linda and Bruce Koe were the guest speakers of the event, each with extensive backgrounds in community service at organizations like Building One Community, Food Rescue US, New Covenant Center, Stamford Food Collaborative, and the Connecticut Food Bank.

They spoke of their involvement with nonprofits and their dedication to serving the local community.

Photo from the Community Fund of Darien

Amy Bell, Darien Community Association executive director, with volunteer Pat Parlette, who has also been named as the grand marshal for this year\’s Memorial Day parade.

“It is really humbling to have the opportunity to speak to a group of volunteers that are as committed and as accomplished as you all are,” Linda Koe said during her speech.

“It isn’t always easy to be with those who are struggling or in need,” Koe said. “It takes a lot of hard work and there is often a lot of disappointment along the way. But as a good friend told me, ‘Linda, if helping people were easy, everyone would be doing it.’”

List of Volunteers Honored

These volunteers were honored at Tuesday’s luncheon:

—Shyamla Menon—ABC – A Better Chance

—Nina Miller—At Home in Darien

—Rochelle Charnin—Building One Community

—Frank Huck—Darien Arts Center

—Vic Pensiero, Shaun Volin & John Hessmer—Darien Board of Selectman

—Pam Miller—Darien Book Aide Plan, Inc.

—Cheryl Williams—Darien Chamber of Commerce

—Pat Parlette—Darien Community Association

—Tiffany O’Connor—Darien High School

—Anne Lise Brown—Darien High School Parents’ Association

—Carolyn McGrath—Darien Historical Society

Bruce and Linda Koe with Janet King

Photo from the Community Fund of Darien

From left: Janet King, the Community Fund of Darien’s executive director, and Bruce and Linda Koe, guest speakers at the luncheon

—Janet Cling—Darien Land Trust

—Kathy Larkins—Darien Human Services

—Peter Eder—Darien Library

—Mike Wheeler—Darien TV79

—Scott Overbeck—Darien YMCA

—Jennifer Geddes—Domestic Violence Crisis Center

—David Ball—Family Centers

—Shelly Skoglund—League of Women Voters

—Andrea Huntington—Mather Homestead Foundation

—Katie and Emily Wiley—Norwalk Grassroots Tennis

—Hayley Ackers—Person-to-Person

—Margaret “Annie” Slaughter—Silver Hill Hospital

—Reeve Boeckmann & Elizabeth Hall—The Carver Foundation

—Jill McCammon—The Community Fund of Darien

—Bryne Pozzi—The Darien Foundation

—Donna Collins—The Darien Nature Center

—Kathy Arrix—The Depot, Darien Youth Center

—Annie Arrix & Lily Kosnik—Thriving Youth

—Stephanie O’Malley—Tokeneke PTO

—Katie Murphy—Youth Commission

About the Community Fund of Darien

For the past 65 years, The Community Fund of Darien has been dedicated to improving our local community through strategic grant making, civic engagement and intelligent philanthropy. To learn more about The Community Fund and its mission, visit their website: www.communityfunddarien.org.

The Community Fund of Darien will be hosting its annual Darien Road Race September 15. Registration will open in July.


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