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Thank You, Katie Murphy, for Your Work With the Darien Youth Commission

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Thank you, Katie Murphy, for your volunteer work with the Darien Youth Commission. —This concludes a series of daily articles profiling the volunteers recognized in May at the Darien annual volunteer recognition luncheon organized by the Community Fund of Darien. Katie Murphy’s Efforts With the Darien Youth Commission

Katie is, in a word, a gem. She joined the TOPS group in a lead position three years ago when her fourth child was entering the sixth grade, and has been a constant, steadying force with this group since then. She never loses sight of why we do what we do, which is to provide our middle school-aged kids with fun, safe and exciting social opportunities.

35 Volunteers Honored at Community Fund of Darien’s Recognition Day Luncheon

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This past Tuesday, May 21, the Community Fund of Darien hosted its 40th annual Recognition Day Luncheon at the Darien Community Association to honor Darien residents who volunteer at local organizations for their dedication and hard work. — Libby Markham, a senior intern at the Community Fund of Darien, wrote this  announcement from the organization

Thirty five Darien residents  (see the list, below) received well deserved applause for their volunteer work at a variety of local organizations: Darien Community Association Thrift Shop, Person-to-Person, Darien Arts Center, Darien Human Services, League of Women Voters of Darien, Domestic Violence Crisis Center, and Family Centers among others. Linda and Bruce Koe were the guest speakers of the event, each with extensive backgrounds in community service at organizations like Building One Community, Food Rescue US, New Covenant Center, Stamford Food Collaborative, and the Connecticut Food Bank. They spoke of their involvement with nonprofits and their dedication to serving the local community. “It is really humbling to have the opportunity to speak to a group of volunteers that are as committed and as accomplished as you all are,” Linda Koe said during her speech.