SUV Stolen on Friday Is Now Found, Driver Says She Was Distracted When She Left Keys Inside

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Update, 11:02 a.m., Dec. 7:

A Darien woman posted a note on Facebook that she was the victim who mistakenly left her keys in her SUV last Friday before it was stolen. She said she was just distracted at the time and usually locks her vehicle, which has been found.

Lucy Oldrin posted this reply just before 11 a.m., Thursday in a Facebook discussion under the post that linked to an article about the theft.

In the Facebook discussion, there was quite a bit of harsh criticism of the woman for not locking up. Many people in town don’t lock their cars overnight, leaving them available for thieves searching for loot or even car thieves, if the keys are left inside.

In this case, the woman said that while she always locks her car, that day she was distracted “and made a simple, stupid mistake”:

As the victim and the owner of the car, I can say no one can have shamed me more than myself this past week. I always lock my car. I was distracted and made a simple, stupid mistake. I have deep appreciation for the Darien Police department for their hard work and diligence in recovering my car. And yes….lock your car!

Another Facebook user replied:

Oh Lucy, I am sorry to hear that it is you. Once upon a time (when we were young) I don’t remember anyone locking cars here but sadly we all have to now.

Original article, Dec. 5:

Original headline: Unlocked SUV With Keys in Cupholder Stolen Downtown While Driver at Lunch

Someone stole a 2008 white Lexus GX470 parked on the Post Road near its intersection with Corbin Drive early Friday afternoon after the driver left it there unlocked and with the keys in the cup holder.

Darien police gave this description of what happened:

The woman parked the sport utility vehicle at about 1:13 p.m. to visit an area restaurant. When she returned at about 2:30 p.m., the SUV was gone, and at first she thought it had been towed.

Police Police

Image from state police / Police

State police published this image on social media earlier this year.

Police were called, and officers asked people in the area if they knew anything suspicious about the theft. They were shown a surveillance video from the nearby gas station that shows a person walk past the SUV, then turn around open one of the vehicle doors and get in.

The person then drove off, headed west on the Post Road. Police couldn’t get a description of the person because of the distance of the car from the camera. The investigation is continuing.

In separate incidents on two different days early October, purses were stolen from unlocked vehicles parked near the intersection of Scribner Avenue and the Post Road in downtown Darien.

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