Purses Stolen at Same Time of Day from Two Vehicles Left Unlocked in the Same Area of Downtown

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Purses were stolen from unlocked vehicles downtown, one on Tuesday, Oct. 3, the other on Thursday, Oct. 5 after they were left for just minutes, each of the victims told police.

Police gave these accounts of what happened:

Each of the vehicles was parked near 780 Post Road, the building where Houlihan Lawrence (formerly Kelly Associates) real estate offices are located. The thefts took place shortly before 12:58 p.m., when they were reported to police.

A woman parked her black, 2016 Audi, then entered the building for about three minutes. When she came out, she saw that her purse was missing.

Two bags, one valued at 200, the other at $148, were gone, along with the woman’s car keys, $100 in cash, a driver’s license, passport and several credit cards.

A woman in a tan 2016 Nissan Pathfinder parked the SUV and left it unlocked as she went to hang a sign. When she returned to the car, she found her purse had been taken, along with a wallet valued at $300, her driver’s license, car keys, sunglasses valued at $100, credit cards and an iPhone.

Police are continuing to investigate both thefts.

Correction: This article originally said the thefts took place the same day. One was on Tuesday, Oct. 3; the other, Thursday, Oct. 5. The article also originally said Kelly Associates was at 780 Post Road. The office is now part of Houlihan Lawrence real estate.


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