Works by Georgian Native Maia Sreseli-Hodge Displayed at Atria Darien in January

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During the month of January Atria Darien at 50 Ledge Road will showcase the works of Greenwich artist Maia Sreseli-Hodge, with an opening reception from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 4.

Born and raised in the nation of Georgia, she started painting not long ago.

Maia says she just creates art that reflects what she loves, what she feels, what she sees, what she imagines.

“My canvas is a reflection of my feelings, my dreams, my observations and imaginations,” she said.

Maia Sreseli-Hodge artist 12-26-17

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Artist Maia Sreseli-Hodge\’s works will be featured at Atria Darien in January, with a reception on Jan. 4.

Her works are in oil paint, acrylic, mixed media, and are sometimes created with a palette knife, but she he is always searching for new materials and new techniques.

Maia says her art is a way for her to communicate how she experiences the world, because sometimes “Words are not enough to share joy, beauty, peace and happiness.”

She lives with her husband, Peter C. Hodge in Old Greenwich, and two children, Magda & Ika Makharashvili.