Woman Gets Car Serviced and Cleaned, Reports Getting Cleaned Out of $1,000

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After a 26-year-old woman drove her 2014 BMW 528xi to BMW of Darien for a scheduled service, she remembered that she’d had $1,000 in a compartment to the left of the steering wheel.

Now all she’s got (besides her BMW) are the memories.

Darien police described what they were told happened:

The Stamford resident brought the car into the BMW of Darien dealership at 140 Ledge Road Wednesday, Feb. 7 for scheduled service. When she returned later that day to pick up the car, she saw the interior had been cleaned.

At that point, she recalled that she had the money in the compartment. When she checked, the envelope containing the cash was no longer there.


The woman immediately reported the loss to the dealership, and several employees were asked about the matter, but no one reported seeing it. Management of the dealership eventually suggested she file a police report, which she did.

Police are investigating.