We Were Promised a Carmageddon — and All We Got Was This?

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Go a few miles from Exit 9 on I-95, and the highway traffic actually seems lighter than normal for a weekend around here. So where’s the Carmageddon?

According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, traffic was backed up 1.6 miles (southbound, as of 9:20 a.m.) and 2.2 miles (northbound, 7:56 a.m.) on Saturday morning. It didn’t appear to be much worse at midday Saturday.

Take a look at these traffic camera pictures of the highway from the Connecticut Department of Transportation:

The highway at the construction site for the replacement Route 1 bridge certainly is blocked at Exit 9, with vehicles in both directions diverted to the exit ramps, so it’s not as if they reopened I-95.

The side of the bridge nearest Darien is clearly largely demolished, according to this traffic cam picture from the Connecticut Department of Transportation:

Traffic cam bridge at Exit 9

ConnDOT traffic cam at Exit 9

This image, from a ConnDOT traffic cam pointed southwest at the bridge, shows the left side nearly demolished. Southbound traffic on the right is being diverted to the Exit 9 ramp.

There seem to be two lanes of traffic flowing — and it is flowing — on the northbound ramp on the side of the highway, according to this traffic cam. We were told there would be only one lane.

Traffic Cam ramp Exit 9 northbound

Image from ConnDOT traffic camera near Exit 9

Two lanes on the northbound exit ramp, not one. And it might well be traveling faster than 20 mph, although that’s hard to tell if you’re not in it. This image is from the Exit 9 website ConnDOT set up for the project.

So you still have until 1 p.m. Saturday to get your household hazardous waste to the Darien dropoff site at the Noroton Heights Railroad Station parking lot. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting around town.

These statements from ConnDOT on the project (on the Web page for traffic cams) indicate that work could be over by midday Sunday, with the highway flowing undisturbed that afternoon.

ConnDOT on reopening I-95

From the Connecticut Department of Transportation traffic camera Web page late Saturday morning.

ConnDOT traffic cam Web page statement

Same opening time for the southbound side.


Here’s what the i95Exit9.com website set up by ConnDOT said (and still says) about the project and traffic:

ConnDOT Exit 9 project web page

From the i95Exit9.com website, home page


Here’s what ConnDOT said in a news release on May 16:

News release excerpt ConnDOT May 16

And here are three excerpts of a traffic advisory issued by Darien police on May 22:

D.P.D. Advisory 1 Exit 9


D.P.D. advisory 2


D.P.D. advisory 3

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