Water Mains To Be Replaced on Parts of Mansfield Ave, Buttonwood Lane

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In a 10-week project starting Wednesday and continuing through August, water mains will be replaced on all of Buttonwood Lane and part of Mansfield Avenue, and later on Brookside Drive.

The project may cause temporary disruptions in water service and discolored water, Aquarion Water Company warned in its announcement Tuesday morning. The announcement has advice about how to deal with those problems.

There may be “minor traffic delays and possible detours during the working hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” the utility also warns.

Here’s the announcement from Aquarion (we’ve added links showing the parts of the streets where the mains will be replaced; Darien police also distributed the announcement Tuesday afternoon):

Aquarion Water Company today announced a water main replacement project on Buttonwood Lane from Brookside Road to Mansfield Avenue [that is, all of Buttonwood Lane], and on Mansfield Avenue from Buttonwood Lane north to Middlesex Road.

Dripping Faucet Angelo Gonzalez


A dripping faucet (Picture by Ángelo González from Dodro, España, posted on Wikimedia Commons)

Scheduled to begin June 14, 2017, the work is expected to be completed in 10 weeks.  The project will replace a total of 5,400 feet of existing 6-inch and 8-inch water main with 12-inch ductile iron main, as part of the company’s improvement plan to create a new water distribution “backbone” for the town of Darien.

Construction is expected to be completed by end of August.

A second phase of the project is planned along Brookside Drive from Buttonwood Lane to Prospect Avenue later in the season.

AquarionDuring the project, customers in the area may experience temporary service disruptions or discolored water.  Aquarion recommends customers store water in their refrigerators for drinking and cooking, in case these circumstances arise.

Customers also should refrain from washing laundry if water is discolored.  Prior to resuming use, customers should run their cold water faucets until the water appears clear.

Due to construction, customers should expect minor traffic delays and possible detours during the working hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  M. Rondano, Inc., based in Stamford, was chosen as the contractor for this main replacement project.

Customers with project-related questions may contact Alan Huth at (203) 362-3070.  For service or water-related issues, please contact Aquarion Customer Service at 1-800-732-9678.

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