Volunteers Needed to Help Run This Town: Apply Here to Join the Representative Town Meeting

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Candidates are being sought for empty seats on Darien’s Representative Town Meeting, which meets less than a dozen times a year and is the town’s ultimate legislative body.

— an announcement from the RTM

The following RTM Districts have vacancies. If you are interested in serving, please contact the respective District Chair for information on upcoming caucuses to choose new members.

By district, here are the number of vacancies and the district chair who you can contact if you’re interested in filling one:

  • District 1 two Brad Pattelli brad@pattelli.com
  • District 2 one Nina Miller pokebox@aol.com
  • District 3 two — Lisa Yarnell yarnell.lisa@gmail.com
  • District 4 four Brian Rayhill brianrayhill@gmail.com
  • District 5 four Mac Patrick jmprtm@gmail.com
  • District 6 one Caroline Luz — luzfamily@gmail.com

If you’re unsure which district you live in, this information from the town government website should help:

District 1              District 4  

District 2              District 5  

District 3              District 6