Two Women — with Hair to Dye For —Suspected of Purloining from Patrons’ Purses at Two Darien Stores

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On Tuesday, Feb. 6, two shoppers who left their purses unattended at two different stores in town had money taken from them.

Darien police sent out an alert to local businesses, telling them to beware of two, ah, colorful individuals suspected of trying to steal from purses when the owners weren’t watching.

One victim reported that $800 in cash was missing. At the other store, a victim said she was missing $170.

Police gave these accounts of the two incidents:

At about 11:30 a.m., police were told of a theft at the Everything’s Rosey store at 1072 Post Road. The shopper, a 61-year-old White Plains, N.Y. woman, said she had left her purse behind when she walked to the back of the store while an employee was helping her. The woman didn’t know the value of her wallet, but said that in addition to $800 in cash, it contained her credit cards.

Not far from where she had left her purse, the woman had seen two young women, each seeming to be in her mid- to late-20s. One, a thin woman, appeared to have the tips of her hair dyed pink or purple. The other, with a thicker build, had hair colored purple, shaved close to her head. Both women were described as possibly being Hispanic.

Police canvassed other nearby businesses, and the distinctive-looking pair were remembered in various other downtown businesses.

At some point later in the day, a woman who works at A Little Something White remembered some little somethings pink and purple at the store at about noon that day. She checked her purse, which had been left out while helping the hyper-colored-hair pair that day, and realized about $170 in cash was missing. No other items were removed from her purse or from any other employee’s purse.

While the victim helped the two, her purse had been left hanging and unattended near a fitting room door of the business at 1292 Post Road, on the other side of the Interstate 95 overpass from Everything Is Rosey.

Police are continuing to investigate.










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