Town Youth Director Thanks Everyone Who Helped Make Family Day Dinner a Success


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To the editor:

On Friday, September 20, over 150 people enjoyed the hospitality of the YMCA at the 9th Annual Family Day Dinner, sponsored by the Darien YMCA, the Thriving Youth Task Force (a subcommittee of The Community Fund of Darien) and the Darien Youth Commission.


Two-cent U.S. postage stamp. You, too can get your two cents’ worth in with a letter to the editor published by Email it to”Family Day: A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children” was launched in 2001 by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

Family Day is a national movement that reminds parents that the engagement fostered during frequent family dinners is an effective tool to help keep America’s kids substance free.

Family meals are the perfect time to talk to your kids and to listen to what’s on their mind.  The more often kids eat dinner with their families; the less likely they are to engage in risky behaviors. Dinner Makes A Difference!

Thanks to Heights Pizza, for providing a delicious dinner.  And thanks as well to the members of The Community Fund’s YAT (Youth Asset Team), SADD, the YMCA staff, students from the Depot and the Darien Youth Commission for offering their hands-on support at this event.

We are incredibly grateful to the YMCA and the wonderful staff who work there.  They once again graciously hosted this event granting families the chance to enjoy each other’s company in a stress-free, fun-filled environment.

In addition to dinner, gym games, arts and crafts  and swim-time were some of the options people could choose.  And all families left with information about the 40 Developmental Assets.

For additional information on the Thriving Youth Task Force and the importance of its role in our children’s development, visit this Web page.

Kind regards,
Alicia Sillars, Youth Director
Darien Youth Commission
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