Latest Spate of Overnight Vehicle Entering/Thieving: 11 Vehicles at 10 Addresses on Three Streets in One Night

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The latest string of overnight thieving from and entering vehicles occurred from Monday to Tuesday, Sept. 23 to 24, involving 11 vehicles at 10 addresses on Oak Park Avenue, Nolen Lane and Leeuwarden Road, according to Darien police.

In every case, the vehicle was left outside, unlocked. The first report came to police at 6:15 a.m., Tuesday.

In the list below, we’ve noted when items were reported stolen (if no item is noted, it appeared to the owner that nothing was missing):

Leeuwarden Road:

25 Leeuwarden — 2014 Lexus RX

39 Leeuwarden — 2017 BMW 540 — canvas bag containing Bose headphones and an iPad mini 

44 Leeuwarden — 2018 Ford Explorer

101 Leeuwarden — 2008 Toyota Highlander

108 Leeuwarden — 2015 Honda Fit

117 Leeuwarden — 2018 Tesla S — $6 taken

Oak Park Avenue:

5 Oak Park — 2019 GMC Sierra

11 Oak Park — 2000 Toyota 4Runner — Wallet stolen from the vehicle along with contents and $60 in cash. 

23 Oak Park — 2016 Ford Explorer — about $25 in change, a gold necklace, a wedding ring. No values or further description given.

Nolen Lane:

5 Nolen Lane — 2019 Chevrolet Suburban and 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser — $10 and a set of headphones taken from the Suburban


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