Three Unlocked Vehicles Entered Overnight Last Weekend

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Would-be thieves (that is, they would be, if they’d taken anything) entered three unlocked vehicles overnight Saturday to Sunday, Darien police were told.

Here’s what police said about what happened:

The vehicles entered were on Huckleberry Lane., a street off of Brookside Road in the northeast area of town.

41 Huckleberry Lane

One of the vehicles, a 2017 Lexus RX350, was parked inside the garage at 41 Huckleberry Lane. At 9 a.m., Sunday, Aug. 4, a resident noticed the garage door was open. A woman at the house determined that it had been closed the night before.

She saw that the glove box in the center console had been opened. A 2010 Nissan Frontier pickup truck in the driveway, also unlocked also had an open center console. Nothing seemed to be missing from either vehicle.

36 Huckleberry Lane

Police were called at 11:09 a.m. When they went to Huckleberry Lane they also canvassed up and down the street to see if any other vehicles had been entered overnight. At 12:09 p.m., they found one at 36 Huckleberry Lane.

There, a man told them that he woke up at about 3:15 a.m. when he heard a noise from his driveway.

He went outside and saw the two front doors of his 2016 Ford F150 pickup truck were open. He then saw two individuals (the police announcement has no description of them at all) on the street in front of his home.

When the individuals saw him, they ran west on Huckleberry Lane (toward Brookside Avenue, the only street Huckleberry Lane is connected to).

The man didn’t follow them or notify police. As at the other home, nothing was found missing.

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Before the latest unlocked-vehicle entries, at the quarterly department heads meeting with the Board of Selectmen on July 23, Capt. Jeremiah Marron, who delivered the Police Department’s quarterly report, was asked by Selectman Susan Marks about what kind of attitude people have who talk to police about their vehicles being entered.

“Does it faze them at all — what are they not getting?” she asked.

“Faze them? No,” Marron said. “And that’s the disturbing part.” And a lot of the incidents, he added, are from police canvassing neighborhoods after one report, only to find several others, oftentimes.

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