Thank You, Shelly Skoglund for Your Volunteer Work with the Darien League of Women Voters

Shelly Skoglund League of Women Voters volunteer recognition 2019

Photo via Community Fund of Darien

Shelly Skoglund

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Thank you, Shelly Skoglund, for your work with the Darien League of Women Voters, including putting together the Fall Voters Guide, help with Candidates Night and liaison with the Council of Darien School Parents.

—This article is part of a series of daily articles profiling the volunteers recognized in May at the Darien annual volunteer recognition luncheon organized by the Community Fund of Darien.

Shelly Skoglund’s Work with Darien League of Women Voters

Over the past year Shelly has taken on numerous leadership tasks. She single handedly compiled our Fall Voters Guide, one of our premiere voter education projects, which solicits and publishes candidate responses to a common question pertinent to their desired political office.

Shelly Skoglund vertical large League of Women Voters volunteer recognition

Photo via Community Fund of Darien

Shelly Skoglund

She then volunteered as a question sorter at our annual live Candidates Night debate, enhancing the ability of Darien residents to question those seeking elected positions.

Shelly served on this year’s nominating committee, encouraging new younger members to take on positions of responsibility.

She has also been an effective liaison with the CDSP (Council of Darien School Parents) in our efforts to reach out to a younger cohort.

We thank her for all of her efforts.

— Gwen Mogenson, co-president of the Darien League of Women Voters

Here’s the Full List of Volunteers

Each of these volunteers was recognized this year and will be profiled in this series:

Shyamla Menon (A Better Chance);—Nina Miller (At Home in Darien);—Rochelle Charnin (Building One Community);—Frank Huck (Darien Arts Center);—Darien firefighters, including Fire Chiefs Vic Pensiero, Shaun Volin & John Hessmer (Darien Board of Selectman);—Pam Miller (Darien Book Aide Plan);—Cheryl Williams (Darien Chamber of Commerce);—Pat Parlette (Darien Community Association);—Tiffany O’Connor (Darien High School);—Anne Lise Brown (Darien High School Parents’ Association);—Carolyn McGrath (Darien Historical Society);—Janet Cling (Darien Land Trust);—Kathy Larkins (Darien Human Services);—Peter Eder (Darien Library);—Mike Wheeler (Darien TV79);—Scott Overbeck (Darien YMCA);—Jennifer Geddes (Domestic Violence Crisis Center);—David Ball (Family Centers);—Shelly Skoglund (League of Women Voters);—Andrea Huntington (Mather Homestead Foundation);—Katie and Emily Wiley (Norwalk Grassroots Tennis);—Hayley Ackers (Person-to-Person);—Margaret “Annie” Slaughter (Silver Hill Hospital of New Canaan);—Reeve Boeckmann & Elizabeth Hall (The Carver Foundation of Norwalk);—Jill McCammon (The Community Fund of Darien);—Bryne Pozzi (The Darien Foundation);—Donna Collins (The Darien Nature Center);—Kathy Arrix (The Depot, Darien Youth Center);—Annie Arrix & Lily Kosnik (Thriving Youth);—Stephanie O’Malley (Tokeneke PTO);—Katie Murphy (Darien Youth Commission).

Photo from the Community Fund of Darien

Volunteers honored at the Darien Recognition Luncheon last May.

Sponsors of the 2019 Recognition Luncheon were the Darien Community Association, Brown Thayer Shed and Halstead Real Estate.

About This Series

  • The profiles in this series were presented at the 2019 volunteer recognition luncheon held at the Darien Community Association and recorded (in this video) by Darien TV79.
  • Darien runs on volunteers — from our churches to our town government, schools, political parties, sports teams, three fire departments and our local nonprofits. They’re the largest part of what makes this town a community. We should all encourage them and thank them.
  • is running this series now, while more people are thinking about whether they want to volunteer in the upcoming year.
  • Each article presents the description provided about that volunteer (or sometimes more than one) as provided by an organization that benefited from that person’s efforts.

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