Police: DUI for Man, 34, After Reports of His Car Swerving at 9:13 PM on the Post Road

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A 34-year-old man was found by an officer in the man’s car on the side of the Post Road near Dubois Street after police had been told a car was swerving and without headlights, police said.

Darien police gave this additional information about the matter, including accusations not proven in court:

The report to police (which came on Wednesday, Oct. 13) mentioned a white Acura, and the driver’s car fit the description. It was off the roadway, on sidewalk and grass.

The driver seemed to be confused and had glassy red eyes, and the smell of an alcoholic drink came from inside the car. The man was given standardized field sobriety tests, which he didn’t perform to standard.

He was charged with driving under the influence and taken to Darien Police Headquarters, where he refused to submit to a breath test.

He was held on a $250 bond until the next day, when he was taken to state Superior Court in Stamford. His bond was removed and he was released. His next date in court is Dec. 6.

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