‘History and Health Benefits of Tea’ Presentation at DCA Women’s Luncheon, Oct 1

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The Darien Community Association (DCA) Women’s Luncheons start their season featuring “The History and Health Benefits of Tea” presented by Bigelow Tea, a family-owned business for 75 years and three generations, for their luncheon on Tuesday, October 1 at 12:15pm at the DCA. Tea is the second most popularly consumed beverage worldwide behind water. It has a long and storied history tied to each culture, society and time period that it touched. Tea continues to be enjoyed today and is not only tasty but also a positive addition to a balanced diet. Join Bigelow Tea, a local family company operating for the past 75 years, for a discussion of the history of this amazing plant as we travel through the most important milestones in tea history.