Friends of Animals: April is Prevent a Litter Month — Here’s a Solution That Works

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April marks Darien-based Friends of Animals’ annual “Prevent A Litter” campaign, which aims to convince pet owners to spay or neuter their pets since it is the best way to combat the single largest killer of cats and dogs — euthanasia of unwanted, homeless animals. And FoA’s low-cost certificate program makes litter prevention affordable. — an announcement from Friends of Animals
FoA’s nationwide spay/neuter program facilitates the surgeries of more than 25,000 dogs and cats annually through its network of approximately 850 veterinarians, and it is the non-profit leader for affordable spay/neuter efforts. FoA’s program has surpassed 2.8 million procedures, preventing countless births. “Our campaign’s goal is to first persuade people to adopt, not shop, which means visiting an animal shelter or rescue group first when they decide to expand their family.