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Federal Realty Presents Ideas to Redevelop Its Noroton Heights Property

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Part of the proposal to develop the tract where Stop & Shop and other stores now stand: One, two and three floors above a first floor of retail that would replace the supermarke’ts current building just south of West Avenue (with as many as three floors above West Avenue). That was one of many features of a “proposal” for redeveloping the 8.6-acre site covering most of the land between Edgerton Street, Heights Road and Noroton and West Avenues, owned by Federal Realty, a national real estate investment company that bought the land from Tom Golden’s estate after that developer accumulated the parcels and passed away. See also:  First Peek at Redevelopment Proposed for Noroton Hgts Stop & Shop Area

Overall, Federal Realty presenters told a joint meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission and Architectural Review Board Tuesday evening in Darien Town Hall, the developer’s goal is to create a vibrant, attractive place that people want to visit, walk around in and enjoy as well as shop in, dine and spend money. The company presented something that was at least as close to a concept as an actual plan, with many details open to changes. Instead of sketches describing what the buildings might look like, they presented — with the exception of a rendering of housing along West Avenue — pictures taken from elsewhere that were meant to suggest what they might build, or possibly even just a sense of what their buildings would feel like to look at.

Retail Buildings Noroton Heights

First Peek at Redevelopment Proposed for Noroton Hgts Stop & Shop Area

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The landlord that owns the buildings where Stop & Shop, Walgreens, Equinox and other nearby stores are now located wants to add about 90 apartments, more retail space, over a hundred more parking spaces and  a lot of landscaping to the 8.6-acre tract. According to some documents filed with the Planning & Zonning Department, Federal Realty will present its ideas for redeveloping the site, which takes up much of downtown Noroton Heights. See also: Federal Realty Presents Ideas to Redevelop Its Noroton Heights Property

The ideas will be presented at 8 p.m. to a joint meeting (open to the public and broadcast by Darien TV79) of the Planning & Zoning Commission and Architectural Review Board in Room 206 at Town Hall. The presentation is scheduled to last until 9:15 p.m.

Here’s a first look at the proposal, presented in a few large, illustrated pages currently in a file at the Planning & Zoning Department. Pictures of other places, presumably meant to suggest the way parts of the redevelopment would look, are included along with maps of the site.

Proposed Noroton Shopping Center Replacement Project: Maps & Renderings

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The presentation on July 21 from the Palmer family’s proposed redevelopment of the west side of the Noroton business district is now available online at the Darien town government website. Darienite.com has posted the 18-page document here:

(All renderings are copyrighted by Newman Architects, PC, whether or not that shows in the screen grabs of individual pages shown here. Click on a picture for an enlarged version, or for an even bigger version, go to the town government website.)