With Deaths in 32 Deer-Car Crashes Last Year in CT, Here’s How Not To Be in One

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As autumn approaches and days become shorter, deer collisions on Connecticut roadways increase by leaps and bounds, warns AAA Northeast. Drivers need to steer clear of deer beginning this month, the start of deer mating season in Connecticut, when more deer traverse wooded areas along the state’s roadways at twilight. — an announcement from AAA Northeast

Although animal-related crashes are costly and dangerous to drivers, they’re generally underreported, said Fran Mayko, AAA Northeast spokeswoman. However, data from the UConn Crash Data Repository reports there were 418 deer-related crashes between October and December last year, a figure equivalent to one deer-related crash every six hours. Of that number, 32 resulted in fatal injuries on statewide roads, the most since 2011.