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Actress Chloe Sevigny Talks About Her Career, Her Role in Film, ‘Lean on Pete’ at Avon Theatre Q&A

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Actress and former Darien resident Chloe Sevigny, with her mother in the audience, answered questions from a sold-out crowd Saturday night at Avon Theatre, talking about her career in film and in particular about the movie Lean on Pete, in which she plays a jockey. When someone from the audience complimented her on her horsemanship and seemed to assume that Sevigny had become familiar with horses in Fairfield County, the actress corrected that impression:

“I had zero experience with horses,” before making the movie, she said. “My family tended to drift towards the water and water sports.” Lean on Pete is about a 15-year-old boy with a disruptive family life who gets involved by chance in the lowest rung of the horse racing business. His involvement starts when a down-at-heels horse owner, played by Steve Buscemi, offers him a job working with a racehorse named Lean on Pete.