Police: Two Cooking Oil Thieves Arrested Behind Restaurant

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Two Yonkers men were caught trying to steal used cooking oil from behind a Darien restaurant at 6:50 a.m., Friday, police said. Usually, that would be a good time to steal the oil. After all, restaurant employees, and most other people, would not be around. Except at Lithos restaurant at 319 Post Road, because the owner also owns the next-door Darien Diner, which tends to be busier at 6:50 a.m.

Police described what happened next with this account (including accusations not proven in court):

The owner told police that he saw the two men trying to steal the oil. Police arriving at the scene found the men with a dark blue Econoline van parked near the used cooking oil dumpster.

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Woman Reports $5,000 Stolen from a Business Account, Suspects Ex-Boyfriend

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A 52-year-old Darien woman told police that two business checks were stolen from her and used to remove $5,000 from a bank account of hers, and she suspects her ex-boyfriend. The woman said she’d broken up with the boyfriend, a 53-year-old Darien man, two months ago, after a four-year relationship. She thinks he did the same thing last December, but she never reported it to police. Police detectives are investigating the matter.

Thief Grabs Lottery Tickets & Runs from Darien Gas Station, Suspected in Other Towns

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A thief who said he’d buy lottery tickets worth $240 from the Exxon gas station at 1358 Post Road, then grabbed them and ran off, police said — and police believe he and an accomplice have done the same thing in Norwalk, Bethel, Trumbull and Ridgefield. Police think the same thief stopped at the Gulf gas station downtown to cash in other lottery tickets previously stolen. Video surveillance records in Darien and elsewhere have given police a good idea about what the thief and his car look like. So perhaps the lottery ticket thieves are, ah, pressing their luck. Here’s what happened in Darien, according to police reports:

At about 2:45 p.m., a white male, about six feet, 2 inches in height and wearing a white tank-top shirt walked into the gas station convenience store and asked to use the bathroom.

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About 10 New Vehicles Entered at Car Dealership, 16 Tires Stolen from Four

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All the tires and rims from four Chevrolet Suburbans were stolen from the lot at H&L Chevrolet overnight Sunday to Monday, Darien police were told. The thieves apparently got into the lot by forcing their way through a wooden picket fence near Old Kings Highway South, at the back of the dealership. About 10 vehicles were entered, but nothing was taken from six. Vehicles in the lot weren’t locked. For the four Suburbans, all brand new, the thieves were able to get the jacks and other tire-changing tools from inside the vehicle.


Necklace Dropped off at Darien Store for Repair Now Missing

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A gold necklace with blue pearls and an estimated value of $1,500 is missing from a Darien store where a customer had dropped it off to be repaired, police said. It isn’t known whether or not the jewelry was stolen or is just missing. Police gave this account of the incident:

In April, a 45-year-old Darien woman dropped off the necklace, which is about 16 inches long, at Baubles, a store at 1070 Post Road. In June, an employee of the customer went to the store to pick it up, but the owner and a business partner couldn’t find it. The customer was told the store management would look for it, but by early July it still hadn’t been found.

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Special Loot of the Day: Lobster Tails, Steaks that Police Say a Man Stole from Supermarket

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If you’re going to steal food, why not lobster tails and steak? That’s the surf & turf loot that a 52-year-old man is accused of taking from Whole Foods Market. Darien police described his actions with this account (including accusations not proven in court):

Daniel Horowitz, who’s last known address was on Park Street in Stamford, but who was said to have moved from there, ordered $94.34 worth of porterhouse steaks from the meat department at the 150 Ledge Road supermarket at about 6 p.m. on May 15. He then moved on to the seafood counter, where he ordered eight lobster tails priced at a total of $87.92. Horowitz then walked through the produce department and out of the store, but not without a store employee noticing and following him outside.

Police: Woman in Black Makes off with $129 Worth of Baby Formula

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In a series of actions as convoluted as spaghetti, the last time Stop & Shop employees saw the woman dressed all in black was when she walked off with seven containers of Enfamil baby formula that she didn’t pay for, and right into a black taxi. The unusual series of events was described this way by Darien police:

The woman called Stop & Shop at Goodwives Shopping Center, 25 Old Kings Hwy. S. early in the afternoon of Monday, May 16. She inquired about whether or not the supermarket had Enfimil baby formula in stock. The employee confirmed that the store did, in fact, have it, and seven containers were put aside for the woman.


Threefer: Police Reports Describe Combination of Incidents Leading to Man’s Arrest

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It was one thing after another for police and workers at different gas station convenience stores in town last week as they reacted to various actions of a 43-year-old man, according to police reports. The Bridgeport man, according to the reports:

(b) argued with a clerk at one gas station convenience store when he couldn’t pay for a drink, and then started panhandling outside of it [Incident No. 1];

(a) stole (apparently just coins) from an SUV parked at the Noroton Heights Train Station [Incident No. 2];

(c) ran off with a pack of cigarettes from another gas station convenience store [Incident No. 3].