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Four Democratic Candidates for State Offices to Speak on Gun Violence Wednesday Morning in Darien

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Three Democratic state legislators and a candidate for a state House of Representatives seat will hold a public discussion Wednesday morning in Darien on gun violence and keeping communities safe from it. The “gun safety community conversation” among the four men, all candidates for office in this November’s election, will take place starting at 9 a.m. at The Depot at 25 Heights Road. (The Depot is not a sponsor of the event or involved in its content.)
The four candidates are William Tong, a state representative and candidate for Attorney General; House Majority Leader Bob Duff, a candidate for re-election in the 25th District; state Sen. Carlo Leone, running for re-election in  27th District; and Matt Blumenthal, a candidate for state representative running to replace Tong in the 147th District. Blumenthal is the son of U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Darien High School DHS 9-13-16

Second DHS Walkout, Smaller Than Last Month’s, Related to Gun Control Advocacy: Report

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Some Darien High School students walked out of class Friday morning, joining a second nationwide walkout protest a bit over a month since the last one, on March 14, the Darien News reported. This time, the walkout, starting at 10 a.m., was planned for the entire rest of the school day, a much smaller number of students participated, some students marched down Noroton Avenue toward the Noroton Heights Railroad Station to catch a train for a protest in New York City, and school administrators warned students that they would face disciplinary measures if they walked out, the newspaper reported. _________

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Beyond Thoughts and Prayers Darien United 2018

Public Meeting Wednesday on Mass Shootings and What to Say to Children About Them

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On Wednesday night, March 14, Darien United, the youth group that brings together kids from several Darien churches, will present a “thoughtful faith-based conversation” on school shootings for parents. The event,  “Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: A Christian Response in the Age of Fear and Anxiety,” takes place from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Middlesex Middle School cafeteria. “The goal is to have a conversation about how to help children survive and thrive in a time when school shootings dominate the headlines,” the group says in an announcement. “Shootings in public spaces are leaving many in our community fearful and fragile—especially our children,” the announcement says. “Parents, who are on the frontlines of addressing these fears, find themselves looking to reassure children afraid to go to school.