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More Drones, Fewer Choppers for Eversource’s Aerial Inspections of Power Lines

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Fewer helicopters will be looming over Darien and other towns across the state as Eversource replaces much of their aerial inspections of power lines with inspections by drones, the electric utility says. Here’s the Friday, Aug. 31 news release from Eversource:
Leveraging innovative technologies, Eversource is now using drones to more efficiently inspect electric lines throughout Connecticut. The aerial devices provide the energy company with a close look at high-voltage energy infrastructure, including those spanning remote, hard-to-reach areas. “Drone technology offers a safe, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to perform required inspections of electrical lines, structures and equipment,” said Eversource President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom.

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Hosting an Outdoor Party Before the End of Summer? Make It an Opportunity To Get Energy Efficient

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Summer is the best time for get-togethers with family and friends. So, if it’s your turn to host, don’t miss out on energy savings opportunities that are as close as your deck or backyard. —Editor’s note:  This article by Enoch Lenge, an energy-efficiency spokesman for Eversource, is from his blog on the website. It seems a bit late in the summer for these kinds of energy-saving projects, but you can certainly still make changes this now, save a bit and save more next year — especially if you have a swimming pool and especially if you heat it. And you’ll be doing your part to help the environment.

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Eversource Helicopter Over Darien for Inspections Sometime From Monday, Aug 6 to to Aug 17

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Eversource is conducting aerial inspections of high-voltage electrical equipment in Connecticut towns, including Darien. Weather-permitting, these aerial inspections will start Monday, August 6 and continue through August 17. They will take place from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Using heat-sensing imaging equipment, the inspections are meant to identify potential problems with electric lines and equipment to target for repairs. — Here’s How Often Eversource Helicopters Fly Over Darien — and Why (March 23, 2017)

For identification purposes, the helicopter being used for Eversource’s transmission line inspections is a blue and silver Bell, with a registration number N1431W. “With more than 800 miles of transmission rights of way in Connecticut, these helicopter inspections are a crucial and effective part of our commitment to reducing the frequency and duration of power outages,” said President of Regional Electric Operations Craig Hallstrom.

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Eversource: We’re Ready for Summer Heat and Here’s How You Can Be Ready

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With the first heat wave of the year expected over the next several days, bringing sweltering temperatures to Connecticut, air conditioners and fans will be working overtime. ____________

— an announcement from Eversource

Though high electricity usage during a heat wave can put a strain on the electric system, Eversource prepares year-round to meet that increased demand and is offering tips on how customers can save energy, stay comfortable and keep electric bills low. “We prepare well in advance of the summer months to ensure our system is ready to handle the additional electricity needs that come with a heat wave,” said Craig Hallstrom, Eversource president of regional electric operations. “This includes conducting detailed inspections of the overhead and underground systems in advance of the extreme heat to detect and resolve any issues ahead of time, to ensure our customers have the energy they need for every moment of their lives. Tips on Using Less Electricity
To help customers endure the peak of summertime heat, Eversource is offering easy tips to keep homes more comfortable and energy bills low.

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Eversource Ranks 20 Among 500 in Newsweek’s Green Ranking List of U.S. Companies

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Eversource Energy is once again being nationally recognized for its leadership in corporate sustainability and environmental performance, placing 20th among 500 U.S. companies in Newsweek Magazine’s annual Green Rankings list. ______________

— an announcement from Eversource. To learn more about sustainability in action at Eversource, view the company’s 2017 Sustainability Report. ______________
Eversource has been a consistent high performer in the annual survey. The 2017 list represents Eversource’s best overall performance to date among U.S companies, and it also placed fourth among U.S. utilities. “It’s very rewarding to see our commitment to environmental sustainability be recognized in this way,” said Eversource Chairman, President and CEO Jim Judge.