Ellen Dunn Principal Graduation 6-17-16

DHS Graduation Speech: Principal Ellen Dunn

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Darien High School Principal Ellen Dunn gave this “Presentation” speech (as prepared), for the Class of 2016 at their DHS graduation ceremony Thursday:

Good afternoon Members of the Darien Board of Education, Dr. Dan Brenner [superintendent of schools], colleagues, parents, grandparents, guests and most distinguished members of the Darien High School Class of 2016 … There is a long tradition at Darien High School of the graduates handing the principal a small gift as they receive their diplomas. I have been informed that the plan tonight is for each of you to give me a tiny origami star. You have selected the perfect gift. Stars capture our imaginations; they fuel our dreams and carry our wishes.

Katie Tsui Graduation 6-17-16

DHS Graduation Speech: Katie Tsui, Co-Salutatorian

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Here’s Co-salutatorian Katie Tsui’s speech (as prepared) at Darien High School’s Class of 2016 graduation ceremony on Thursday:

Good afternoon. On behalf of the rest of the Class of 2016, I would like to thank the faculty, staff, and teachers of Darien Public Schools, who have helped us transform from kindergarteners who once ate paper (you know exactly who you are) to more mature young adults about to receive the most important slip of paper, a diploma. I’d like to extend that gratitude to all the parents and friends, whether present or absent today, who have guided us thus far and will continue to serve as our anchors. And of course, I would be the worst co-salutatorian in history if I failed to congratulate the Class of 2016 before me. We’ve made it, and I am so proud to be graduating with you all.

Christian Ostberg graduation 6-17-16

DHS Graduation Speech: Christian Ostberg, Co-Salutatorian

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Here’s Co-salutatorian Christian Ostberg’s speech (as prepared and as he slightly revised it) at Darien High School’s Class of 2016 graduation ceremony on Thursday:

Good evening. I’d like to begin today by telling you a story. A story that has had a profound impact on my young life. One morning, this past fall, I was on duty with Post 53. Around 8 a.m., my crew was called to the scene of a home.

Chloe Zhou graduation 6-017-16

DHS Graduation Speech: Valedictory Address by Chloe Zhou

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Here’s Chloe Zhou’s valedictory address at the 2016 Darien High School graduation ceremony on Thursday, as prepared:

Hi everyone. I’d like to thank Mrs. Dunn and the administration, my dear friend Sarishka for her introduction, and my friends in the audience. I’d like to thank the narcs for keeping us straight, the cafeteria for serving giant cookies, and our Blue Wave sports teams for making it so I get looks of fear and disgust whenever I’m in New Canaan. And, of course, I’d like to thank my teachers, especially those who’ve been truly inspiring, and my amazing family. Thank you, Mom, Dad, Kai, Luka.

DHS logo Darien High School 5-24-16

DHS Graduation Speech: Breana Del Gatto

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Breana Del Gatto, DHS Community Council president, gave this speech at Darien High School’s graduation Thursday (as prepared):

Welcome everyone and good afternoon. I would like to welcome Mr. Harman, the Board of Education chair and the members of the Board of Education, Dr.Brenner our superintendent, Mrs. Dunn, our incredible principle, and our amazing vice principles Mr.Sullivan, Dr.Greenwood, and Mrs. Spark, the faculty, staff, and the parents and members of the class of 2016. This is it. We aren’t teenagers anymore. In the eyes of society, and the law, we’re adults.