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On Two Nights, Different Car Theft Groups in Darien: Teens Found and Charged in One, Car Stolen in Another

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Two Norwalk teenagers admitted they were trying to steal a car in Darien when police caught them on Wednesday, June 3, and on Saturday to Sunday, June 7, a vehicle was stolen and later found in Hartford, police said. On each of the nights, unlocked cars were targeted, and multiple vehicles were entered, Darien police said. Also on each of those nights: Home security cameras showed people creeping around at about 3 a.m. In the stolen-car incident, that didn’t stop a resident at the same address from leaving car unlocked. The cars entered were at locations including streets well off the main roads in town and had one main thing in common — their owners had left them unlocked, and in at least one case, with the key or key fob inside. Here are the details, as provided by Darien police (including accusations not proven in court):
Teens Charged
At 2:54 a.m., a security camera at a home on Littlebrook Road picked up two males running up the driveway near a parked vehicle.

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Police: Two Vehicles Stolen, Seven Entered, All Unlocked

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Can you imagine getting your stolen car back and having to clean it vigorously because you have no idea whether or not the thief has COVID-19? Two Darien residents had their unlocked vehicles stolen in town last week, then got them back. A stolen Greenwich car was found near where one of the Darien cars was stolen. At another household unlocked four vehicles were entered, and three more vehicles were entered outside of two other houses in town. The incidents occurred on two different overnight periods.