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Boating Safety Videos Now on Darien TV79

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Darien TV79 will be showing videos from America’s Boating Channel to promote safety on the water, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the local government cable channel announced. The first video, “Social Distancing While Boating” is 3 1/2 minutes long and already on Vimeo with six other America’s Boating Channel safety videos. Here’s the full text of the announcement, issued Tuesday morning:
Given that the COVID-19 crisis may be with us for some time, it’s important that everyone maintain the safe “social distancing” when out in public, even on the water. As marinas and boat clubs are allowed to re-open and boaters take to the water, America’s Boating Channel (ABC), which produces boater safety and education videos,  has produced a video segment regarding “social distancing and boating”. Darien TV79 will air the videos on its cable channel and Vimeo on-demand archive after that episode.

Darien Power Squadron safe boating course sailing on Long Island Sound

Final Safe Boating Course for the Year Begins Tuesday and Includes On-the-Water Training

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A Safe Boating Course will be presented at Darien’s Noroton Yacht Club, beginning at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday Feb. 4, continuing on consecutive Tuesday evenings for six classes, a review and an exam. — an announcement from the Darien Power Squadron

Taught by members of the Darien Sail & Power Squadron, this is the last presentation of the course for this boating season. Covered in the six classes are basic boat handling and seamanship, equipment and regulations, an introduction to charts and aids to navigation, basic piloting, and navigation rules. The course is directed at general, practical issues of interest to all boaters, and is not targeted to either power or sail.

Darien Boat/Camp Day 2 7-27-16

UPDATE: NOW CANCELLED: Darien Groups Organize Boat/Camp Day

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Update, 7:25 p.m., Thursday: 

Boat/Camp for this year has been cancelled due to expected bad weather. Original article, Wednesday:

Boat/Camp/2016 will be sponsored by the Darien Sail & Power Squadron, with significant help from volunteers from the Darien Boat Club, Noroton Yacht Club, and Person-To-Person. This event introduces local under-privileged children to the beauty of Long Island Sound, utilizing the resources and good will of the Squadron and our boating friends. _________

— an announcement from the organizers of Boat/Camp/2016


Now in its twentieth year, Boat/Camp/2016 will see over 100 campers and counselors involved, a fleet of more than 20 boats, and the participation of many, many volunteers from the boating community and the Squadron. Volunteers participate is any of several ways (and more are always needed!):

as boat “captains” – volunteers from the local boating community provide powerboats over 18 feet with at least a six-person capacity
as on-board boat “crew” – we staff at least one adult on board in addition to the captain
as on-shore logistical support — our volunteers distribute supplies, make the kids feel comfortable when “jacketing-up” on shore, and as “escorts” in the first adventure of the day — getting the Campers down to the docks and on-board the fleet of boats that are awaiting them.