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Chris Crowley, Co-Author of the ‘Younger Next Year’ Series of Health Books, Talks Tuesday at Library

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Chris Crowley, author of the Younger Next Year series, will Darien Library’s featured speaker on Tuesday, May 7 at 7 p.m.

Over one million people have changed their lives with Chris Crowley’s New York Times best-selling Younger Next Year books (written with Internist and Columbia Medical School Professor, Henry S. Lodge, M.D.)

— This article adapts a Darien Library announcement and Chris Crowley’s bio page from his website. Crowley says on his website:

Putting off 70% of today’s aging (70%!) is a simple matter: Move a lot more!…quit eating crap! … connect with others!  
The combination of  our bone-idleness and the slop we eat and is wrecking our lives and ruining the economy. We spend 20% of our national income on health care. We could save half of that dough  because 50% of our bad health is simply the result of the ridiculous way we eat and live.