Option B pool Weed Beach 09-22-17

Changes for Both Darien Beaches Proposed by Consultants in Draft Parks Master Plan

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An amphitheater or an outdoor pool (or both) at Weed Beach, a fishing pier at Pear Tree Point Beach (either pointed south or west) and an expanded concession/comfort station there are among the ideas consultants have for improving the town’s two public beaches. The ideas came at a public hearing Wednesday by consultants working on a draft master parks plan for the Darien Parks and Recreation Commission. Not even the draft is finalized yet, but when the process is done, town officials hope to have guidelines for how to improve parks across Darien in years to come. The consultants — Daniel Biggs, team leader for Weston & Sampson, and Art Thatcher, principal-in-charge for GreenPlay LLC — said they were looking for feedback from the public in this and an upcoming public hearing, and they could change the proposals based on that and on ideas from the commission. Editor’s note: This article summarizes part of the presentation (concentrating on only some of the many proposals) and some of the reactions to it at the public hearing.

Consultants master plan parks 09-22-17

Town Pool, Walking Trails Among Consultants’ Ideas in Draft Master Plan for Parks

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An outdoor pool at Cherry Lawn Park? Replacing two ball fields in front of Town Hall with an indoor pool and plenty of parking? Paddleboard courts at the Edgerton property? Those were some of the dozens of ideas consultants briefly outlined in a draft Darien parks master plan proposing big or small changes for each of the town’s parks and some other properties, including the town’s Edgerton and Ox Ridge tracts. The individual ideas for draft (not yet written) were described for about a half hour on Wednesday night, just before the first of two public hearings before the Parks and Recreation Commission.

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See What’s Being Proposed for Darien’s Parks and Recreation at a Public Hearing Wednesday

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See what’s being proposed for Darien’s parks in the future: A draft of a master plan for the town’s parks will be presented at a public hearing Wednesday evening, Sept. 20, in Town Hall. A second hearing is scheduled for Oct. 4. The Darien Parks and Recreation Commission is holding the hearing on the “Draft Master Plan” for town parks right after a presentation of it starting at 7:30 p.m. in Room 206 in Town Hall.