See What’s Being Proposed for Darien’s Parks and Recreation at a Public Hearing Wednesday

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See what’s being proposed for Darien’s parks in the future: A draft of a master plan for the town’s parks will be presented at a public hearing Wednesday evening, Sept. 20, in Town Hall. A second hearing is scheduled for Oct. 4.

The Darien Parks and Recreation Commission is holding the hearing on the “Draft Master Plan” for town parks right after a presentation of it starting at 7:30 p.m. in Room 206 in Town Hall.

A “viewing station” with all park proposals in the plan will be on display in Town Hall starting at 7 p.m., half an hour before the hearing, the Parks and Recreation Department announced.

The next public hearing, on Oct. 4, will take place in Town Hall Auditorium.

“[A] successful master planning process will transform a community’s vision into tangible plans to create outstanding recreation opportunities, well-maintained facilities, and a customer-focused and responsive park system,” the Parks and Recreation Department said in an announcement on the town government website. “The Parks and Recreation Commission welcome your attendance to this very important project!”

According to a schedule (posted here) for decisionmaking on adoption of the master plan, these other meetings about it will take place after the two public hearings:

  • Wednesday, Oct. 18 — Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting 7:30 p.m. Present Final Plan with public comment — Room 119, Darien Town Hall
  • Nov. 15 — Commission to vote on final plan — Room 119, Darien Town Hall

The Parks and Recreation Department has a PowerPoint presentation posted here on the town government website based on a survey of Darien residents about what they want for parks and recreation facilities.

Some of the slides from that presentation are posted below, and give an idea of some of the subjects that can be expected to be addressed in the draft master plan:

needs survey park and rec 09-19-17

Slide from the presentation at the “Key Findings Meeting” of June 21, 2017

Key Findings Meeting slide presentation 09-19-17

Another slide from the presentation at the “Key Findings Meeting.”

Word cloud parks and recreation survey 09-19-17

“Word cloud” based on how often topics came up in some of the responses to the survey of residents on what they wanted to see changed in town parks and recreation.

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