Support Stevenson and McNamara for Selectmen: They’re Kind, Thoughtful, Experienced and Open-Minded

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To the editor:

Please join us in voting for Jayme Stevenson and Christa McNamara for Board of Selectmen!  We have gotten to know Jayme and Christa over many years as friends and as neighbors.

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The personal quality that stands out the most in these two women is kindness.  They are always thoughtful in all of their interactions and really listen to people in need.  Although they are different women, there is a mature and calm demeanor between the two which will serve us well in our town government.

They both have extensive experience and service.  These women are not stuck on one path with one solution. They will be open to a variety of solutions for any issue.

Jayme and Christa are committed to our community while being mindful of the cost to taxpayers.

Tim and Stephanie McGraw
Saint Nicholas Road

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