Stench Stanched at Darien High School by Stopping Sidewalk Work Tuesday Morning

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An unpleasant odor was smelled in the G wing of Darien High School on Tuesday morning, but it was dealt with by stopping work on a sidewalk, school Principal Ellen Dunn told parents in an email.

No harm appears to have been done to anyone from whatever fumes got in the building: Dunn said air quality in the building was checked by fire officials and the air was found to be safe.

High school life went on.

Here’s the full text of Dunn’s announcement to parents, emailed at 11:42 a.m.:

Good morning,

As a result of work being done to the sidewalk at DHS, an odor was detected in the G wing this morning.  In response, we halted the machinery.  The fire department evaluated the air in the building and has confirmed that the air quality is safe for all.

Thank you,

Ellen Dunn


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