Stacey Tie and Julie Best Have Testified in Hartford About the Need for Local Control of Education Decisions

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To the editor:

It’s hard for me to express how much I support the candidacies of Julie Best and Stacey Tie for the Board of Education. We were all on the Council of Darien School Parents together for years, and no one was more dedicated and enthusiastic in representing the parents of Darien.

Many people don’t know how much work being a great parent representative is; CDSP members attend a fair number of Board of Ed meetings. Julie and Stacey attend all of them.

Being a member of the Board of Education requires absorbing an enormous amount of information — these two are ahead of the game! Stacey Tie in particular has a thorough understanding of the Board of Education budget, both on CDSP and on the RTM Finance and Budget committee.

It’s vital for someone with a comprehensive knowledge of the budget to be on the Board of Ed, and Stacey will do a wonderful job of vetting the entire budget. She has always taken care to balance the needs of our children with fiscal responsibility to the town.

Further, both Julie and Stacey have done incredible work representing the town’s desire for local control of educational decisions; they have each testified in Hartford about the need for decisions to be made locally.

We are lucky to have candidates with such assets on the ballot! Please join me in voting for Julie and Stacey for the Board of Education.

Beth Lane

Hillcrest Avenue

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