Small Business and the Internet: Panel Discussion at Darien Library

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Small business owners are invited to learn more about the changing marketplace due to the power of the Internet. Get tips on navigating the changing world and trends for the future from the experts.

Darien Library is hosting a business panel discussion starting at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 17 in the Community Room of Darien Library.

Mark Rosenbloom

Photo: Mark Rosenbloom


an announcement from Darien Library


The discussion, which runs to 7:30 p.m., is moderated by Mark Rosenbloom, a vice president at First County Bank and Darien Chamber of Commerce chair.

About the Panelists

Cindy Palmer Dean, Owner and Creative Director at Palmer’s Market in Darien. After graduating college, Cindy ventured out into the corporate world but quickly realized that it was not a career path she wanted to pursue.

Cindy Palmer Dean Palmer's Market 05-15-17

Photo from the Palmer's Market website

Cindy Palmer Dean

With a flower pot in one hand and a basket in the other, Cindy asked her father if she could sell her arrangements at the store! And from there blossomed Palmer’s Flower Shop.

Over the past 30 years, Cindy transformed the store from a traditional supermarket into an incredibly successful gourmet market. Cindy’s latest ventures include the Gift Basket and Travel/Tour business, as well as a new e-commerce platform in development with Noble House Creative Group.

Douglas Campbell The Success Coach 05-15-17

Image from the Success Coach website

Douglas Campbell

Doug Campbell is an Executive and Career Consultant/Coach, Business Owner, Author, National Speaker & Innovator. He works with clients to design and implement growth strategies, facilitate strategy and team building retreats for growing companies, and works with companies to plan for business succession.

He is also an expert at onboarding and business innovation. Doug has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Bottom Line Business, the Stamford Advocate and Investor’s Business Daily and on Cablevision.

He is a mentor for Yale Entrepreneurs and also runs a High Talent Creative Group that meets with leading entrepreneurs in Fairfield County. His most recent business book is Where To Go From Here: Reinventing Your Business, Your Career and Your Working Life.

SIDEBAR 1: Recent Articles About Small Business & the Internet


Brian Jarvis Fairfield County SCORE 05-15-17

Photo from the Fairfield County SCORE website

Brian Jarvis

Brian Jarvis is a SCORE volunteer with a background as a retail consultant focusing on retail operations, retail branding, training and development, customer service and retail finance.

He has held executive positions at Express, Bath and Body Works and L’Oreal and has personally owned and operated several retail stores.

Starting with a small shop led to running over 1,000 stores for a large organization doing over $1 billion. The hallmark of Brian’s career has been the delivery of excellent customer service and how to deliver it to the brand needs.

Being in cosmetics for many years has taught Brian the importance of product training and development of staff. I have a strong grasp of the financials of retail and back-end technology, plus site selection and construction.

Peter Belbita, Founder, Noble House Creative Group, is best described as passionate about business, whose expertise with web design & development, online marketing, application support, communications and general business practice lead to success for every client with whom he works.

Peter bridges the gap between marketing and technology to bring superior results to client endeavors. With humble beginnings at the dawning of information technology in the 2000s, Peter has evolved with the rapidly changing demands of contemporary digital marketing over the decades, giving him the ability to harness the digital world to consistently deliver unparalleled results and superior value to your business and bottom line.

The Darien Library is proud to cosponsor this event with the Darien Chamber of Commerce and SCORE of Fairfield County.

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