Shopper Turns Her Back on Her Purse, Bank Soon Tells Her $8,513 in Charges Attempted

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A woman shopping at a Darien supermarket on Friday turned her back on her cart, which held her purse, which held her wallet, which a man stole.

Not only did she have no money for her groceries, but her bank s0on told her three attempts were made to spend a total of $8,513 in Stamford.

Darien police gave these additional details about the theft:

The woman was shopping at Whole Foods Supermarket at about 5 p.m. on Friday when she reached into her purse and found that her wallet was missing.

Store employees looked at surveillance video of the produce section. They saw a man reach into her purse and remove her wallet while she turned away from the shopping cart, where it was sitting.

The wallet held about six debit or credit cards, a driver’s license and $20 in cash.

Shortly afterward (police didn’t say how soon), the woman was contacted by her bank. She was told three separate purchases had been attempted in Stamford with her cards, one for $4,313, one for $200, and one for $4,000.

A police investigation continues.

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