Selectman David Martin: Sarah Neumann Has Been Dedicated and Worked Actively for the Town

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To the editor:

I am writing to urge Darien residents to vote for Sarah Neumann for the Board of Selectmen for Darien. Now more than ever Darien needs leaders focused on understanding how issues affect residents and businesses, who do the hard work to know the details and history of any issue. Sarah is that person.

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I currently serve on the Board of Selectmen with Sarah and can attest that she is dedicated to listening and responding to resident needs. Whether it be Eversource’s tree cutting on Littlebrook Road, or flooding issues on Crimmins, Saltbox or Coachlamp, she is always responding to resident inquiries and reaching out proactively to understand their concerns.

Sarah has been focused on listening to residents that have been affected by the recent floods and is dedicated to helping develop and execute the most effective flood mitigation strategies to benefit residents and businesses.

Flooding has been an issue in town for years, has been studied extensively, and yet the town has not taken adequate action. Town government needs to listen to and prioritize the needs of citizens, and Sarah does that every day.

While serving on the Board of Selectmen Sarah fought to make sure there was safe and affordable Covid testing for residents and was a regular volunteer at the Covid vaccination clinics. She also organized a food drive to benefit Person-2-Person.

More recently, Sarah has been appointed to the building committee for our three elementary schools recognizing her experience and expertise with our schools. During the recent budget season, she showed a keen eye for detail with a fiscally conservative focus which will be a benefit to the committee on this large diverse project.

I encourage all Darien voters to vote for Sarah Neumann for the Board of Selectmen.

David R Martin, CFA

Brookside Road

Editor’s note: David Martin and Sarah Neumann are both Democrats.

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