School District Announces Coach Suspended for Two More Weeks After Officials See Video

DHS logo Darien High School 5-24-16

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When Darien Public School officials recently saw a campus security video recording, they decided to suspend DHS Football Coach Rob Trifone for another two weeks.

The school district’s announcement (full text below) did not indicate what was on the video recording, but it was related to the Oct. 1 incident that sparked Trifone’s initial two-week suspension (announced Oct. 11), when Trifone hit the helmet of a Darien player during a game with Norwich Free Academy.


See also: Letters on Coach Robert Trifone’s Suspension (Oct. 11)


 Here’s the Darien Public Schools announcement:

Rob Trifone, coach of the Darien High School Football team, will be suspended for two additional weeks of the football season, effective immediately.

This comes as a result of the District accessing a campus security video that was not previously seen.

Mr. Trifone stated, “I take full responsibility for the incident and I am truly sorry for my actions. Today I apologized to the team, explained that I fully accept the consequence of my behavior and told them I am looking forward to getting back to coaching following my suspension.”

Mr. Trifone’s suspension will be through Oct. 30, at which time he will be reinstated to his coaching position.

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