Save Some Money by Keeping Cool Air from Leaking Out of Your Home this Summer

Caulking Eversource Energize Connecticut 7-6-16

This picture was taken from the website of, part of Eversource's Energize Connecticut program.

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By Enoch Lenge

With summer underway, many of us are trying to wrap up home improvement projects so that we can kick back and relax when we have time off. However, as you are finishing up these projects, don’t forget about making sure that the cool air you’ll be paying for this summer stays in your home.

Caulking Eversource Energize Connecticut 7-6-16

This picture was taken from the website of, part of Eversource’s Energize Connecticut program.

We all know that air can escape under a door and through leaky windows. But did you know that it can also leak through less obvious places like ductwork, outlets, attic entrances, recessed lights and moldings?

Beyond driving up energy costs, air leaks can affect your home’s durability, comfort and overall indoor environment.

According to the Department of Energy, air movement is the reason most water vapor problems appear within a home or building. From mold growth and poor air quality to structural damage, we all probably have or know someone who has experienced the negative effects of moisture in a home.


— This article by Enoch Lenge, an energy-efficiency expert at Eversource, was submitted by the utility.


One of the most effective ways Darien residents can check this off their to-do list is to sign up for Home Energy Solution (HES) and address those areas where conditioned air is leaking out of your home head-on.

For $99, an Eversource-authorized contractor will come to your home or apartment, identify the areas that need caulk and foam and make the repairs on the spot. While every home has different needs, the professional air sealing alone is worth an average of about $600.

The expert will also evaluate your home’s overall efficiency performance and fix additional problems, like inefficient lighting, hot water pipe insulation and water flow from faucets and showerheads. Then they will provide you with a customized plan with other efficiency recommendations, valuable rebates and financing options to help you save energy, money and keep your home comfortable.

HES is an easy process that will not only help you save energy and money long-term, but will help your community be greener and also stay warmer this winter.

Since 2015, Darien has been active in Clean Energy Communities (CEC), the nationally-recognized Energize Connecticut program to help cities and towns save energy and increase the installation of renewable energy. Eversource is currently working with the town to help it reach CEC program goals and reduce municipal building energy consumption by 20 percent by 2018.

As Darien is a Clean Energy Community, all homeowners and renters that participate in HES can help the town earn a grant, ranging from $5,000 to $15,000. These “Bright Idea Grants” can be used on a community-selected energy saving project, like the installation of an electric car charging station at town hall or new LED lighting for a school.

To sign up for HES, please visit or call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873).

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