Right After Monday’s Memorial Day Parade — Darien EMS-Post 53 Food Fair

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Darien EMS-Post 53 will hold its annual Memorial Day Food Fair at Tilley Park Pond on May 30 following the Memorial Day parade, raising money to support training, provide supplies, provide hands-only CPR classes and maintain ambulances. 

Post 53 Memorial Day Food Fair 2016 5-23-16

Post 53 Posties, some garlanded with patriotic leis.

The fair, which begins immediately after the parade, continues until 2 p.m. and features fun for the entire community.

Admission tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the gate as well as outside select retail and non-retail locations around town prior to Memorial Day.

As always, the fair will include a tasty and tempting food selection.


— an announcement from Darien EMS-Post 53 (except for the captions)


Post members will be hard at work grilling hamburgers and bratwurst, and serving pulled pork, seafood salads, delicious desserts and more.  Suppliers include Palmer’s Market, Michael Joseph’s, Fisherman’s Net, The Goose, and Smoky Joe’s.

Post 53 two Memorial Day Food Fair 5-24-16

The event raises money for Post 53. Look at these kids — are you gonna support them or not?

Founded in 1970, Post 53 provides emergency medical services to the Darien community at the highest level of excellence, using Darien High School students and adult volunteers.

The members of Post 53 are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest level of training and skill in providing pre-hospital care and transport to the citizens of Darien.

Post 53 is recognized locally and nationally as one of the finest emergency ambulance services in the United States, for its consistently high quality of pre-hospital emergency care.

More Post 53 Posties.

More Post 53 Posties.

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