Reiss Fund Organizes First Darien Educators Leadership Conference & Wants Your Help

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After over 50 years of awarding summer learning grants to more than 500 Darien Public School teachers, the Reiss Fund, a community-based non-profit whose mission is to support Darien Public School teachers’ limitless quest for knowledge, has launched a new venture and is inviting the community to join in making it a success.

On June 22, The Reiss Fund will host a one-day leadership conference open free of charge to all 435 Darien Public Schools teachers and administrators.

The theme of the inaugural conference is leadership, and highlights include keynote speaker Taylor Mali, the four-time national slam poetry champion, former middle school teacher and renowned teacher-advocate, engaging and educational break out sessions and activities geared towards empowering teachers in the classroom, inspiring grade-level leadership and building mentors for student leaders.

“The Reiss Fund has proudly supported teachers interested in expanding their horizons, deepening their knowledge and gaining experience that enriches their in-classroom instruction,” said Carolyn Langelier, Reiss Fund Board Member.

“This one-day conference opens that opportunity to all of our teachers and administrators and creates a forum for collaboration and connection across the district to share insights, perspectives and experiences that can inform and heighten in-classroom learning.”

The Reiss Fund Teachers’ Conference is being generously underwritten in part by the seven Darien Public School PTOs. Additional financial support is needed to deliver a high-quality and professionally rewarding event, which is the impetus behind the community wide fundraising appeal.

Riess Fund teachers conference 03-17-17

“It is our hope that the community, like the PTOs, shares our belief that when teachers become students again, they deepen their commitment to teaching and bring renewed enthusiasm to their classrooms,” said Reiss Fund Board member Susan Vogel.

“We ask members of the Darien community to join us in encouraging and supporting learning, exploration and excellence in our district by donating to the Reiss Fund and helping to make the Teachers’ Conference possible.”


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The Reiss Fund’s support of teacher learning is a unique and distinctive opportunity for Darien Public School teachers and a have historically offered our district a competitive advantage over other area school districts when it comes to hiring and retaining top-notch teachers.

“We are very lucky to have a collaborative relationship with the Reiss Fund which has for many years supported the personal and professional development of the Darien teachers,” said Dr. Daniel Brenner, superintendent of the Darien Public Schools.

“This year’s Reiss Fund Teachers’ Conference proves to be an incredible opportunity for our teachers to be inspired about their profession. We are truly lucky to benefit from the generosity and hard work of our Reiss partners and the generosity of the Darien community.”

About The Reiss Fund

The Reiss Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide funding in support of our Darien Public School teachers’ limitless quest for knowledge and enrichment.

The Reiss Fund supports teachers who seek out opportunities to expand their horizons, deepen their content-area knowledge and gain valuable experiences that inform and enrich their in-classroom instruction.

It is a unique and distinctive “gift” that our community offers its teachers and a competitive advantage over other area school districts when it comes to hiring and retaining top-notch teachers.

Virtually every dollar raised supports teacher learning. Expenses limited to fundraising costs.

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