Recycle Clothing and Textiles, Including Old Backpacks and Shoes

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Not sure what to do with those old backpacks, clothes and shoes that the kids have worn out or outgrown?

Textiles recycling Darien Recycling Center 8-27-16

Image from the Darien Recycling Center on Facebook

Here’s a quick recycling tip from the Darien Recycling Center:

Last year 26 tons of textiles were collected in the USAGAIN bins at the Darien Recycling Center — look for them next to the Swap Shop and by the transfer station building.

— This announcement comes from the Darien Recycling Center pages on Facebook. Like that page on Facebook and you can get your tips directly, as soon as they come out, and keep informed on other recycling information.

This isn’t the first recycling tip about textiles from Darien Recycling Center. Here’s what was said in a previous post:


1) the town is paid $100/ton of textiles collected, and

2) solid waste costs are reduced. Collection bins are located next to the Swap Shop and to the left of the Transfer Station Building. New signage reminds residents which textiles are accepted for recycling.

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