Purse Stolen from Car in Garage, Nearby Laptop Taken, as Well

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A purse containing bank credit cards, $50 in cash and a checkbook was stolen from inside a car parked in a garage, and a laptop on a desk was also taken from a home on Fairfield Avenue where two exterior doors had been left unlocked, police were told.

Darien police described what happened with these further details:

A woman living at the house told police on Dec. 31 that she had left her purse in an unlocked 2010 Honda Odyssey parked inside the garage. The garage bay door had been locked, but not a rear entrance door.

On Dec. 26, the woman said she found the Odyssey’s side door open and the interior light on. She noticed her purse missing, but delayed reporting it stolen because she thought she might have left it elsewhere.

She reported the theft days later, on Dec. 31.

There were no signs of forced entry into the garage or home.

The day after first reporting the theft to police, the woman again notified police, this time to say her husband’s laptop was also missing. The laptop had been on a desk just inside the rear sliding door of the home. That door also had been left unlocked.

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