Seen This Man? Darien Police Would Like to Talk to Him

Identity Theft suspect Darien P.D.

Photo from Darien P.D.

A picture of a man who has identified himself as "Paul Doane."

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Update, June 26: Darien police have released these pictures of the man reported loitering on Oak Park Avenue on Wednesday, June 19, and police released the following statement:

  • In an attempt to ensure residents are aware of an ongoing mail fraud scheme, the Darien Police [Department] is releasing information and images about the suspect involved in a recent incident where an attempt was made to intercept mail containing fraudulent bank cards.
  • The individual, who identifies himself as “Paul Doane,” has been observed in Darien on two occasions. Investigation into his potential criminal activity revealed he has been contacted by police in other jurisdictions within the state.
  • We ask the public’s assistance in reporting any sightings of the individual in the images we’ve provided. Camera footage shows him to be driving a silver sedan with Canadian plates. We remind citizens to refrain from confronting or engaging the individual, and to notify the Darien Police as soon as possible.
  • We thank the public for their ongoing partnership in our efforts to keep Darien safe.
Identity Theft suspect Darien P.D.

Photo from Darien P.D.

A picture of a man who has identified himself as “Paul Doane.”

Paul Doane Car Darien P.D.

Photo from Darien P.D.

This is what his car looks like, police say. The silver sedan has Canadian license plates.


Paul Doane Darien Police suspect ID theft

Photo from Darien P.D.

Another picture of \”Paul Doane\”

Original article, June 24:

Police: Suspicious Man Reported on Oak Park Ave Had Asked FedEx Employee for a Package

A man standing on Oak Park Avenue for hours late Wednesday afternoon told police officers that he was waiting for a friend to give him a ride, police said.

But while he may have had time on his hands, those hands never got to hold the package that he asked for from a FedEx employee earlier in the day, according to police.

Police gave this further account of the incident, which is still under investigation:

A suspicious homeowner called police at about 5:40 p.m., Wednesday, June 19, saying a suspicious person, described as a middle-aged white male, had been standing in the street for a couple of hours.

Police officers came and spoke to the man (police did not say that they got his name or saw identification, like a driver’s license). He said he had been visiting relatives in town and was waiting for a friend to come by and give him a ride to Hartford.

Deciding there was no reason to detain him, police left.

Less than an hour later, at 6:30 p.m., the same resident who called police earlier about the suspicious man called back again to relay what a FedEx driver had said to the resident: That at about 10:30 that morning, the FedEx driver was flagged by a man with the same description as the loiterer. The man told the driver that he worked for the homeowner and was waiting to take a package sent to the homeowner’s address.

The FedeEx driver said the man was driving a silver sedan with license plates from Ontario, Canada.

The FedEx driver refused to hand over the package and returned to the house shortly before 6:30 p.m., less than an hour after police left.

The employee then delivered the package to the homeowner, who opened it to find a Capital One credit card that the homeowner hadn’t expected.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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