New Board of Directors Selected for OPUS for Person-to-Person

Board of Directors 2019 Opus for Person-to-Person

Photo from Opus for Person-to-Person

The new OPUS Board of Directors

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OPUS for Person-to-Person has announced their new Board of Directors, effective immediately. Working together, the new Board of Directors will continue to support Person-to-Person in their mission to provide more than 25,000 people in our community with food, clothing, emergency assistance and scholarship programs.

— an announcement from OPUS for Person-to-Person

The three co-presidents are Cristina Paolazzi, Kerry Pearson and Jamie Rose. Together, they have been working with OPUS for over 12 years, spearheading major fundraising events like this year’s “Summer Soirée,” securing tens of thousands of dollars of donations from corporate sponsors, and engaging current and alumnae members in critical initiatives that fund the programs at Person-to-Person.

Board of Directors 2019 Opus for Person-to-Person

Photo from Opus for Person-to-Person

The new OPUS Board of Directors

Supporting the three Co-Presidents are 22 Board Members, who are equally as dedicated and passionate about helping the families in our neighboring communities who need it most. Those board members are:

Catherine Rykowski, Vice President

Libet Koncz, Secretary

Libby Cook and Ashling Keenan, Treasurers

Jessica Bartch, Mariely Clarkson and Kerry Kerwar, Corporate Development

Elizabeth Banach, Board Liaison Fall Benefit

Sarah Vrabac, Board Liaison Spring Benefit

Meghan Thornton, Board Liaison Campership Program

Jasmine Hodgson and Kate Weber, Baby Basics

Sherri Carpentieri and Kristin Wood, Marketing/PR

Betsy Kilmartin and Jackie Vene, Membership Recruitment

Anne Cotton and Caroline Jennings, Membership Events

Emily Brown and Alison Worfolk, Event Logistics

Hillery Gibbons and Lindsey Murphy, Alumnae Relations

“We are thrilled to be working with such an incredible group of women this year, all of whom are experts in what they do and who are committed to making a real difference in our community. It’s unthinkable that children within miles of us don’t know where their next meal will come from. We all want to work together to fix that,” shared Jamie Rose, OPUS co-president.

About OPUS for Person-to-Person

OPUS for Person-to-Person is a charitable organization whose mission is to support Person-to-Person through fundraising efforts and public awareness.

Our fundraisers help P2P provide goods and services to more than 25,000 individuals and families in our neighboring communities who lack necessities and resources.

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