Police: Siblings Charged After Tussle Over Charger She Said He Didn’t Ask to Borrow

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Darien Police Headquarters

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So he appears to have wanted a charge, according to the police report. A dispute with his sister was so charged up, police said, that both were charged by police.

Darien police gave this account (including accusations not proven in court) of an incident Oct. 25 that resulted in disorderly conduct charges against a Darien man, 19, and his 21-year-old sister, both residents of Allen O’Neill Drive:

At 3:35 p.m., police were called to the scene on the report of a loud argument. The young man had returned home to give his sister an iPhone charger he had borrowed from her. She grabbed it and yelled at him not to take it.


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At some point after that, he heard an object hit the floor near his room. He went out in the hallway and saw his light, portable desktop speaker, which had been in the bathroom. His sister said she hadn’t thrown it, but only tripped over a wire by mistake, making it fall.

He tipped over her desk onto the floor in the hallway, breaking a lamp bulb and bottles of nail polish.

Police charged each sibling with disorderly conduct. The woman was given a misdemeanor summons to appear in court the next day — Wednesday, Oct. 26.

The young man, however, was arrested and held until a $2,000 bond was posted by a bond agency. That’s because he had failed to appear in court on previous charges.

According to the Connecticut Judicial website, every one of the several court cases he has in state Superior Court in Stamford involves accusations that he had taken something without permission — in one case a motor vehicle, the other cases involved larceny charges.

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