Police: Possible Attempted Fraud at Bank in Darien

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A woman who wanted to deposit a suspicious $5,407.62 check at a Darien bank provided suspicious identification to a teller, then left the bank when the teller went to speak to a manager, Darien police said.

Police described the incident this way, based on what they were told by the teller:

The teller at HSBC Bank, 151 Post Road, said a woman filled out a deposit slip at the bank and also wanted to withdraw $5,000 of the money.

The type on the check appeared to be crooked, which raised the teller’s suspicions. When asked for her identification, the woman produced a New Jersey driver’s license.

The date of birth on the ID didn’t match the appearance of the woman, the teller thought. A third action then raised the teller’s suspicions even more: When asked for her Social Security number, the woman had to look it up on her phone.

The teller went to speak with a manager — and at that point, the suspect left the bank. Police were called at 1:11 p.m.

The incident occurred just nine days after a similar incident at Chase Bank in Noroton Heights. In that case, when a New York state driver’s license was presented by a woman with a check, the teller didn’t feel that the appearance of the woman matched the date of birth on the ID.


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