Police: Man Who Provided Booze to Teens Also Provided Cocaine to Teens As Young As 14

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Not only did Mark Yarish of Darien provide alcohol to teenagers in town, he also provided cocaine to teenagers as young as 14, and used it with them, according to police.

Mark Yarish Sept arrest photo 09-01-17

Darien PD

Sept. 1, 2017 Arrest photo of Mark Yarish, 51, of 20 Cherry St., Darien

Police again arrested Mark Yarish, 51, of 20 Cherry St. at 10:30 a.m., Friday, after they received approval for a warrant charging him with second-degree reckless endangerment and five counts of risk of injury to a minor (a felony).

The charges resulted from the same investigation that led to charges against Yarish in July that he had provided alcohol to minors. Detectives found that Yarish had provided cocaine to juveniles as young as 14 in his home.

“The [state] Department of Children and Families has been working with police to ensure the safety of any involved juveniles,” police said in the announcement.

His Arrest in July

Police said that for several months before Yarish’s previous arrest, on July 21, they had been  hearing about a local man providing the booze.

Police said they found evidence that Yarish was taking orders by text message and phone call, buying alcoholic beverages at local stores, then delivering it to Darien teenagers.

Mark Yarish arrest photo 07-24-17

July 21 arrest photo for Mark Yarish, charged with providing alcohol to minors and risk of injury to a minor, both felonies.

In May, police started an investigation and put Yarish under surveillance.

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On July 21, he was arrested on charges of one count each of providing alcohol to minors and risk of injury to a minor, both felonies. He paid a $40,000 bond and was released.

What Happens Next

Yarish is being held on a $100,000 bond set by a judge and remains in the custody of the Darien Police Department. No information about his next court date was provided by the department. If Yarish doesn’t appear in court on Friday and can’t pay the bond, he faces a long Labor Day weekend in jail until court resumes on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

The investigation isn’t over, the police announcement said: “As this investigation remains active, no further information will be released at this time.”

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