Police: Female Scams Gas Station Employee With Fraudulent $100 Check

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Photo by Michael Kooiman on Flickr (via Wikimedia Commons)

A check (for a bit less than a typical fraud)

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Back on Nov. 16, a female paid for filling up her vehicle with a $100 check from a business, and an employee at the station gave her change from the unused amount, police said.

The check was worthless. Darien police gave this account of what happened:

It wasn’t until Jan. 31 that the owner of the gas station, BP Vernal’s at 498 Post Road, was contacted by the business and told that the check hadn’t been signed by the business owner, so it was fraudulent. The matter was reported to police the next day.

The employee who took the check couldn’t recall how much gas had been bought. The check was deposited the next day.

In the announcement about the incident, police didn’t describe the female in any way — even as a woman or teenager — perhaps because no description could be recalled after 2 1/2 months. Police did not say whether video surveillance at the gas station existed or, if it did, was still saved after that length of time.

Police also did not say what business the check had come from.

An investigation is continuing.

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