Police: Dogs at Old Kings Hwy North House Go After UPS Man, Then Cops

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After a UPS driver told police he was chased off of the property of an Old Kings Highway North home by three roaming dogs, police officers went to the house, police said.

But as the officers approached the house, the three dogs started approaching the officers, who decided it was time to leave.

Police said the UPS driver, who called them at 5:39 p.m. on Friday, July 21, also had trouble making a delivery back on July 6, when one of the dogs bit his ankle. Police saw that the man had a bandage on his ankle, and the driver said the bite required stitches.

Nevertheless, when police asked the man if he wanted to press charges, he said no — he just wanted police to inform the homeowners of the problem and secure their dogs better.

Police noted that there was no fence on the property that would contain the dogs to keep them away from visitors. The matter was referred to the Darien police animal control officer.

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