On the RTM, Monica McNally Was Instrumental in Addressing Complex Problems

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To the editor,

I have served with Monica McNally on the Representative Town Meeting in various capacities since she first joined the Public Works Subcommittee, a committee she would chair the following session.

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I also worked alongside Monica on the Rules Committee to the RTM and the Technology Subcommittee to the Rules Committee during the most recent legislative session.

In each of these leadership roles Monica consistently demonstrated a willingness to jump in, listen, learn and do whatever necessary to benefit our town and residents.

Through hard work, patience, inclusiveness, curiosity and fiscal good sense, I observed Monica would build a solid knowledge base that governed her actions on the items that came before her.

By taking into consideration the perspectives of various constituencies Monica was instrumental in advancing environmental, safety and operational initiatives, with budgetary discipline taxpayers expect to improve the quality of life in Darien. These related to safety, technology, the environment, flooding, waste management, energy, recycling, and other basic services in addition to education and budget.

Monica’s dedication, respect and thoughtfulness transcended the topics that came before her, no matter how big or small.  So it was no surprise Monica stepped up when asked earlier this year to serve on the Board of Selectmen.

The broad experience Monica gained from these various Town government roles provides a solid understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the Town.  The energy she brings to every issue has made her a major contributor to that Board already.

I’m confident Monica will continue to vigorously pursue the interests of Darien and all its residents with the same thoughtfulness as she has in the past.   I whole-heartedly endorse and support Monica’s election to the office of first selectman. This Election Day vote Monica McNally for first selectman.

Mark Adiletta

Holly Lane

Editor’s note: Election letters will be accepted up to 11:59 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021.

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