Noroton Avenue Home Sells for $1,647,500 and Other Darien Home Sales

76 Noroton Ave., Darien, CT

76 Noroton Ave.

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These properties recently were sold in Darien, according to records in the Town Clerk’s Office:

76 Noroton Ave., Darien, CT

76 Noroton Ave.

—11 Bittersweet Lane — David Martens and Julie Martens to Michael Constas an Rachel Constas, sold July 24, filed July 29, $1,450,000

—107 Leroy Ave. — Dudley Felt Jr. an Charlotte Felt to Jeffrey Youle and Catherine Youle, sold July 16, filed July 29, $1,140,000

—75 Kensett Lane — Sun Homes Darien II LLC of Pawling, New York to Marco Berardi and Anna Berardi, sold July 2, filed July 29, $1,765,000

—8 Fox Lane — Michael Bowman and Rebecca Bowman to Anthony Cahill and Jessica Cahill, sold July 19, filed July 29, $1,695,000

—76 Noroton Ave. — Kristin Edwards and Matthew Edwards to Elizabeth Kissko and Lawrence Kissko, sold July 26, filed July 29, $1,647,500 — PICTURED

—90 Long Neck Point Road — Kenneth Gammill Jr. and Patrick Sullivan to Jamie Sullivan and Patrick Sullivan, sold July 25, filed July 30, $6,400,000

—4 Forest Road — Matthew Lauria and Ashley Lauria to Evan Cohen and Shannon Cohen, sold July 25, filed July 30, $1,395,000

—72 Holly Lane — Joanne Hennessy to Red Bench LLC of the same address, sold July 24, filed July 30, $2,750,000

—21 Gardiner St. — Mary Skala to John Bailey IV and Allison Bailey, sold July 19, filed July 30, $1,001,926

—518 Hoyt St. — Robert Rodormer Jr. and Erika Rodormer to Emily Fitts and Benjamin Fitts, sold July 31, filed same day, $1,325,000

—280 Hollow Tree Ridge Road — Jonathan Kaplan and Mary Kaplan to Heidi Smith, sold July 30, filed July 31, $2,605,000


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